Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Olivia & Kevin {Wedding}

What better way to start of the new year than by getting married! Olivia and Kevin got married on January 7, 2012. This was my first time shooting a wedding, and it was definitely a new experience! After shooting their engagement photos, Olivia asked me if I would consider doing their wedding. Excited for a new experience, I said yes! I was nervous, as I didn't know what to expect, nor do I have the equipment professional wedding photographers use. So I made due with what I had, and with the help of my wonderful sister Maren as a second shooter, we pulled off our first wedding! Unfortunately we weren't able to get a lot of outdoor photos due to the pouring rain, but we did manage to get a few really nice ones. The wedding was at the beautiful location of Whonnoch Lake. Victoria, Olivia's sister, who happens to be my fantastic hair dresser, turned out to be an amazing wedding planner as well! She helped and planned all of the special touches that made this wedding incredibly gorgeous!

Olivia's sisters helped her get ready in the morning. Victoria did her hair, and Katrina did her makeup!

I loooooved her wedding dress. It was stunning and elegant.

The family's reaction to seeing Olivia as a gorgeous bride.

I love these two Maren got of Olivia seeing her reflection and trying not to cry.

The one above might be my very favourite photo of the day!

In memory of her father, Olivia's bouquet donned a handsome picture of him. I loved that special touch.

Maren got these first kiss photos while I shot the bride and groom walking out as husband and wife!

The one above was taken by Maren, and I love it!

The bridal party was quite silly and hilarious, and despite the rain and freezing cold, they were really fun to photograph.

I loved all the decor! And it was pretty cool to see one of the engagement pics I took of them framed on the table! 

Above: The MC for the night, Olivia's sister Katrina. Below: Katrina's husband, James, as the DJ.

Olivia's family call her "Ducky" which is why the bride and groom ducks on the table were so appropriate! Such a great idea :)

I got the shots above, and Maren got the ones below. There were a lot of emotions going on during the dance. It was definitely a special moment when the music wasn't working so Katrina sang their first dance song "At Last" acapella. It was amazing and gave everyone goosbumps!

Olivia and Kevin, thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding. It was a wonderful experience and will always hold a special memory in my heart. I wish you the best and many blessings in this new chapter of your lives. Good luck with your move to Kelowna and I pray that God will guide you both as husband and wife. 

Olivia & Kevin Buehler


  1. beautiful...stunning...wonderful day!

  2. Great job Kel on your first wedding, the photos were wonderful!!

  3. Kelly, these are seriously great shots! Well done!!

  4. Kelly, I've photographed weddings for 27 yrs. and I am inspired & delighted with your work! First time..? You did fabulous! Love your creativity and sense of style. I encourage you to seriously pursue more wedding work. You can create marvelous memory albums for people!