Tuesday, May 29, 2012

levi {graduation photography}

Graduation! Oh, how long ago that feels. But it's fun to relive those days while doing grad photoshoots. This was the first grad session of the season, and I really hope I get to do some more (send some my way!). Levi's mom, Colleen, contacted me about doing some photos, so we met last weekend and I love some of the shots we got! Levi's passion is web design, and likes urban, contemporary, with a little bit of vintage style. With a combination of all those things, I thought Clayburn Village would be a perfect place to take some photos. Here's a look a look at Levi's graduation photos. 

Levi, thanks for being such a great sport and posing my cheesy poses. You were awesome, and I wish you the best in your future plans after high school!

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  1. oh how did I miss this! Great pictures...He looks so relaxed & edgy @ the same time...great spot you picked!