Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vintage Home

Meet my beautiful mother, Colleen. Not only is she a wonderful, loving, and giving mom, she's an incredibly talented interior decorator and creative extraordinaire! She is the creator and owner of Vintage Home and has been involved in many magazine publications, including House & Home and O Magazine. She has a booth at the Fort Langley Antique Mall, and has been involved in many events, including the Fieldstone Vintage Market. I went to the Fieldstone Vintage Christmas Market today, and was able to take some pictures of her lovely booth! Visit her page here if you're interested. She's amazing at what she does! So proud of you mom! Thanks for the abundance of furniture and decor you and Dad have blessed our home with! It wouldn't look as great as it does without your special touch. I love you!

handmade ornaments and globes


ornaments made from old sheet music.. brilliant!

dustin... and my mom and i


helping customers!

she's quite a hoot

and no day would be complete without a triple grande non-fat extra hot light whip pumpkin spice latte!


  1. Love the pictures! And items for sale!! Looks like all had a great time!! Beautiful vendor!!

  2. oh sweetie....wonderful job! Thanks! Wow you make us look so professional!...we actually look like we know what we are doing!
    WE love you two...Thanks for all your support!

  3. I'm pretty proud of your Mom too, hugs, love you all

  4. Wonderful photos! For December you had a pretty great day. Your booth as always was beautiful.

  5. Great pictures. You made your Mom proud (plus you made each picture a treat).