Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Siebert Family {Portrait}

This adorable munchkin is the son of some friends of ours! They recently had a new baby a couple weeks ago, and I was thrilled when they asked me to take some family photos! I also did a newborn photoshoot for some more photography experience. I'll post some of those photos in a couple days. Dave and Jess live on a beautiful piece of property where there were tons of gorgeous places to take photos! The lighting was a bit low, and the rain did decide to make an appearance, but at the end of the day, we got some great shots! Thanks for a great time, Siebert family!

I love this truck, and this little guy loved it too! He kept asking his daddy if they could go for a ride!

And of course, I love the John Deere. If you don't know me or my husband, you'd know that Dustin loves John Deere. We have a couple John Deere items around our home, not to mention Remi has a John Deere collar! Dustin would have loved this place, there were soooo many tractors!

Bench given to me from my lovely mom of Vintage Home (not sure how to make links yet, but check out her blog!). This made for a great prop infront of this gate and vineyard. I wish I lived here! Wide open fields, vineyards, tractors, cute porches.. that's the dream!

Thanks for letting me spend a couple hours with you and your beautiful family, Jessica!


  1. oh my goodness Kelly I know I am your mom ...adorable sweet
    great job honey....helps to have such wonderful subjects!

  2. You did an incredible job, Kelly. I am so umpressed.