Friday, August 12, 2011

Mahalia {Graduation}

Meet Mahalia. Another beautiful girl, finished school, and ready to take on the world! We had a great time taking photos in Armstrong, BC. There's so many wonderful, fun places to take photos there, and we spent hours at different locations. Mahalia, you're so fun, wild, and crazy, and the light of Jesus evidently shines through you. Thanks for a fun day and being a super fabulous model!

She could barely walk in these shoes on the ground. So, of course, I had to challenge her and make her walk on the train tracks!

I'd probably break whole body if I wore shoes like these. But Mahalia totally rocked it out. Even with these babies on, I still towered over her!

Good thing her initials come consecutively in the alphabet, or else we couldn't have taken this shot!

We weren't sure if this was grass, or someone's crop, so if it was, I'm sorry! But it was too fantastic of a place to not take photos there.

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