Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brittany & Scott {Newborn Twins}

Oh, how I love babies. And what's better than a baby? Um, well, two babies! Twins. A beautiful boy and a beautiful girl. What an amazing blessing. This adorable duo belongs to gorgeous mommy Brittany, and proud daddy, Scott. Brittany and I went to highschool together and I was thrilled when she asked me to take photos of their new little family! It seems like, in Abbotsford anyway, that people are either hard core into school, getting married, or having babies. And these two were the first to have twins! My dad is a twin with my aunt, and I really don't know what could be better than having twins, and one of each. Although I'm sure it comes with many ups and downs, from what I saw the other day, Brittany and Scott are two fantastic parents, and so natural at it! Like I told Brittany, since twins seems to be in my genes, she will definitely be my go-to-mom shall I find myself with twins one day :) Thanks Brittany and Scott for letting me into your home, move things around, and photograph your beautiful new little family. All the best to you guys :)


  1. these pictures are amazing kelly!! sooooo cute

  2. oh wow...great pictures...what sweet twins..double babies!
    Such a beautiful family!

  3. Beautiful babies, beautiful family; GREAT photography by a beautiful Lady!!