Monday, October 17, 2011

The Dueck Family {Family}

Don't you love this "Modern Family" style idea? How great of this family to include their love ones that live far away! Well, not only are they a great family, they're wonderful friends and fantastically beautiful and easy to photograph! This was my first extended family shoot, so when Vanessa responded to my ad for more experience, I gladly accepted the challenge! Vanessa and Jordan are dear friends of ours, so it was great to be able to do this for them and their family! Aren't they all gorgeous?

Ev and Perry and their son. He's so cute, and I love his style!

Jordan and Vanessa and their adorable son! He was so cold, but was so good!

Chris and Tobi and their beautiful son! Ev had a great idea for the photo below and I really like how it turned out!

Yes. They are grandparents. I hope I look this amazing when I'm a GrammE!

We then went down to the park under the Mission bridge for some more photos. The weather was cold, but beautiful! No rain! Thank you, Jesus!

Ev was so awesome! She had lots of great posing ideas, which made it very easy for me! She was great at telling everyone what to do, and I told her that she had to come to all my photoshoots with me!

Could they look any more alike? So cute!

Such a beautiful couple, inside and out.

Tobi, you are gorgeous! Every photo I got of you was seriously stunning!

Don't you love his shoes? He totally rocked them!

Thank you Dueck family for a wonderful day and for letting me experiment with my camera and being patient while I had to keep swapping memory cards! I got waaaaay too many pictures, but they were all great! You were all fabulous. 


  1. wow they are amazing ...beautiful wow all such a goodlooking family!

  2. Kelly, these are amazing! (I'm not biased at all either...) :)